Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is Motorola a sinking ship…….When will it finally sink?

Stu Reed, the former president of its struggling cell phone unit, is leaving the company. Reed's departure is the latest in a series of executive reshuffles at Motorola, which comes a month after Chief Executive Greg Brown took over the unit and said that he was considering options such as splitting it off from the rest of the company.

This has come close on the heels of another announcement last week that Motorola Inc.'s chief marketing officer Casey Keller has left the company.

If this wasn’t enough, Motorola finds itself embroiled in another controversy.South Korea's Fair Trade Commission has announced today that it has levied a fine of 696 million won, or $729,000, on Motorola Korea Inc. for helping three South Korean companies collude to get orders from government agencies. The three companies worked as sales agents for Motorola's trunked radio system, sold in the South Korean market, the statement said.

Well one can only wonder….what next? Is Motorola an overstuffed giant that needs to be cut down to size….Is this a valid explanation for the string of departures happening at Motorola?

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