Monday, March 17, 2008

A Concept Phone for Motorola

Came across an interesting piece of story that is been circulated around, it’s about a concept phone for Motorola designed by a Frenchman Lysandre Follet. Now whether Motorola had commissioned Follet to design a concept phone, it’s not yet clear, but here’s the dig on the concept phone.

It’s been nicknamed the “Brick” by some publications for obvious reasons, it’s quite broad. It supposedly has a multimedia player, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. At least there are indications that the designer wants all these features on the phone.

Now here’s where it gets wacky. It has a stereo camera. When decoded into plain simple lingo, it has two cameras side by side. It’s got dual flash to boot! One each for the two cameras. This will come in handy while taking 3-d panoramic shots. Apparently, one camera can be used for recording videos and the other for taking pictures at the same time ! ! ! Wow.

This concept was first posted on Coroflot.

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