Friday, January 30, 2009

Bangalore Chief Minister Wants To Ban Pub Culture In Karnataka!

Close on the heels of the heinous attack on women by the Ram Sena morons; our very own Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa has decried the ‘pub culture’ saying, "We will not allow pub culture in Karnataka.” He has also refused to ban the morons, blaming dirty politics.

Dear Mr. Chief Minister, how about banning the following as they too are not part of our culture:
  • Ban cell phones and revert to the good old Post Office system.
  • Ban transportation (including buses, cars, two wheelers, metros, aero planes and trains) and use bullock carts.
  • Ban shopping centers and malls and depend on Government’s ration shops for our needs.
  • Ban all clothing brands and make ‘khadi’ the official dress code for Karnataka.
  • Ban all kinds of sports except kho-ko, hockey, wrestling and kabbadi.
  • Ban pucca houses and start living in huts.
  • Ban hospitals and depend on ayurveda and witch medicine.
  • Ban television, computers, play stations, music players, film theaters’ and every conceivable form of entertainment and immerse ourselves in folk songs, Yakshagana and Byalatta.
  • How about making farming compulsory for everyone in Karnataka, so that there will be no more working in the call centers, BPO’s and other industries.
Ohh…did I forget? How about banning the political system and revert back to the good old system of Kings and Kingdoms. Are you willing to give up your seat Mr. Chief Minister? Or will you play coy and pass the buck to the next government, cause there is no way you will be re-elected.

I am pretty certain that you will think about banning a lot more things other than those listed above.

Bangalore has been renowned as: The Garden City, The Ham Radio Capital of India, Pub Capital of India and the feather in the cap “IT and BT Capital of India.”

We do not want dirty politics/politicians, moral brigades, corrupt government officials, pollution, encroachment of lakes and cutting down of trees. Can you ban any one of these Mr. CM? If you do, you will be in contention for the Nobel Prize!

Save Bangalore.

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